SAM MOST- Jazz Flutist The "Father of Bebop Flute"
          SAM MOST- Jazz Flutist        The "Father of Bebop Flute"  


A place to share memories and stories of Sam and how he and his music may have influenced you....thank you in advance for your contributions.


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  • Allan Chase (Wednesday, July 08 20 02:08 pm EDT)

    Thanks for sharing these transcriptions, and info on Sam Most! I'm a jazz saxophone player who is always trying to improve on flute and these excellent solos and transcriptions will help. I enjoy his playing and am listening to a lot of it today.

  • Jerry Pritchard (Monday, August 27 18 06:08 pm EDT)

    l loved seeing and hearing Sam when he started coming to the National Flute Association convention when he was in his 70s. What great jazz flutist.
    So creative and swinging. He is missed.

  • Leszek Hefi Wisniowski (Sunday, July 02 17 08:16 am EDT)

    Awesome swing included between air and the sound. At the beginning I copied a lot of Sam Most's improvisations, I still do this with my students.

  • Noreen Jackson (Monday, May 22 17 07:58 am EDT)

    Sam was an incredible musician and a sweet person. I dated him in 1969 before moving to Europe for a yearlong jazz gig with some stellar musicians. He wrote out some leadsheets for me in 1972. R.I.P. I loved hearing him scat! He and Frank Rosolino were my favorite players an both were master scatsingers.

  • JAQO (Thursday, December 03 15 08:33 pm EST)

    May Sam's fluting be forever heard. I've spent many hours enthralled by it and I'm deeply grateful for the music he performed.

  • Grant Spencer (Monday, August 03 15 06:01 am EDT)

    I took up the flute in my teens because of jethro tull, then I heard Roland Kirk but I didn't realise that Sam was the first to sing into the flute. Agreat influence and innovator.

  • Bebop Brian (Thursday, March 12 15 11:38 am EDT)

    Yesterday I was in a San Francisco record store asking \'Do you know any good flute players?\' He asked what genre, and I said jazz?? Not sure who, if anyone there was. He turned me onto Sam Most,
    and that led me here now looking for more of his songs. Wow what talent! Now I understand, \"The cat with the Most\" I love hearing the stories below, as I arrived to the party late and never got to
    see him. Go cat go !

  • Brad Buethe (Tuesday, March 10 15 10:20 pm EDT)

    I didn\'t know Sam, but when I was a young guitar player in the 70\'s I got a book of his transcribed solos (can\'t remember the name). It was extremely helpful and of course the solos were great.
    Wish I still had it.

  • Bruce Babad (Friday, February 20 15 10:39 pm EST)

    I hired Sam to be a guest artist at Fullerton College November of 2012. The students and audience were floored to learn what I already knew: Sam was a profound bebopper with complete mastery over his
    instruments and about the sweetest guy anywhere. I miss him and am so glad we got to show him off to a young generation of listeners.

  • Nathaniel Paul Schleimer (Thursday, November 13 14 04:08 pm EST)

    Sam has been one of my all time favorites!
    I was fortunate to have a lesson with him in the
    80\'s. It was a lesson that I am still working on
    30 years later. A week will not go by without me having my heart opened by Sam\'s soulful
    Mastery!! In recent years I have been deep into
    Paul Gormley\'s 3 beautiful albums that feature
    Sam with the great Larry Koonse and Paul Kreibich. At this very moment I am being blown away by the Solo Flute recording. When Sam plays I hears the whole ensemble behind him even though it\'s just
    Thank you so much for promoting Sam the great treasure!

  • Chris Taylor (Sunday, May 11 14 10:53 pm EDT)

    I still have a copy of Sam's Jazz Flute Conceptions (1974). His work speaks volumes, and in particular the album But Beautiful never ceases to amaze me. His lines, their technical depth,
    sophistication and candor make his work a model of perfection. I feel blessed to have heard him in Vegas at the 4 Queens in '84. His talent is legend. May he rest in peace.

  • Reiner (Sunday, May 04 14 09:15 am EDT)

    I am playing flute for about 20 years as an amateur in Germany. I love Bebop and flute as well. First I was strongly caught by Jazzguitar which I played for more than 30 years and suddenly switched
    to trumpet which let me struggle a lot. Later in my passed age of about 40, flute crossed my way - and of course all great flutists in Jazz. Sam Most seemed to be the most profound Jazz flutist for
    me. I like his scat type flute playing very much which later was picked up from so many... I remember me being influenced by that kind of singing into the flute in the realm of rock music introduced
    by Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull - but Sam was the originator. Love him for that important contribution to the world of flute! Today I am 58 and again put up my flute after watching Sam's youtube
    clip about his life.

    Thanks a lot Sam!

  • Samuel Harris (Tuesday, April 22 14 05:40 pm EDT)

    His book "Metamorphosis" has impacted me and my playing as much (if not more) than any published Jazz educational resource I've ever come across.

  • Eric Dromigny (France) (Saturday, March 08 14 07:58 am EST)

    Trying to become a non professional jazz flute player, I have got a few Sam Most vinyl records in the 80s and tried to understand the way he played tunes and solos : "le phrasé" ! unique, special,
    amazing, "monstrueux" "inimitable"...35 years later, he still makes me dream...

  • giovanni maria dema (Tuesday, February 11 14 01:29 am EST)

    stunning... absolutely stunning!

  • Libert Subirana (Saturday, January 18 14 10:28 pm EST)

    I've been listening to Sam for over forty years and is always an instant inspiration,his books have been part of my daily routine as well. Thank You Sam! R.I.P

  • Stefano Leonardi (Monday, November 25 13 07:26 am EST)

    Sam eri il più grande di tutti!

  • Mike Gillispie (Friday, November 22 13 11:56 am EST)

    I was fortunate to hear and meet Sam back in the 70s. While I didn't see him again in person until the NFA Convention last year in Las Vegas, he remained an inspiration throughout. Every time I was
    able to lay hands and ears on a new recording I was reminded and re-inspired.

  • William .r (Sunday, November 17 13 01:52 pm EST)

    I first heard Sam music when I was 17 years , flute player , I was blow away by his musicality , and have been trying to match it ever since .

  • Dr. J. Urbas (Sunday, November 10 13 10:39 am EST)

    I try to play the flute and have a decent collection of albums by various flutists, but only TODAY (10 Nov. 2013) did I first hear Sam Most. What a brilliant musician! How could I only now find his

  • Leo Kawczinski (Friday, November 08 13 11:58 am EST)

    Sam was truly a pioneer. His work set the pace for what the flute could be in jazz. If you want to measure his influence, look at all the people who sought Sam out to record with him. No truer
    measure of his talent and influence is required.

  • Mike Leisenbach (Saturday, October 26 13 01:30 pm EDT)

    What can I say that hasn't been said already? Sam blew the hell out jazz flute for a good long time. It's always a pleasure to listen to him.

  • Margo Klein (Sunday, October 20 13 03:10 pm EDT)

    I listen to his music on my ipod every morning on the way to the bus. It's very exciting, inspiring, moving!

  • Fernando Gelbard (Sunday, October 06 13 01:53 am EDT)

    Rick, you have been doing a wonderful job
    in promoting Sam's work and now in honoring his memory. Keep the great work!!

  • Marc Berner (Sunday, October 06 13 01:37 am EDT)

    I got hip to Sam in my teens when I received Flute Flight on LP. I sat in with him years later at Charley O's in LA where he was working with my old friend, Pat Tuzzolino. God bless, Sam! Thank you
    for your music!

  • Frannkie Capp (Saturday, June 15 13 05:08 pm EDT)

    I spent many Monday nites on the stand at Charlie O's Jazz club in Pat Tuzzolino's trio. He was an increadable musician and so much fun to work with. RIP

  • Bray Ghiglia (Friday, June 14 13 07:37 pm EDT)

    I took a few lessons with Sam in the early eighties. He was a giant. Sad to see him go, happy to have known him just a little.

  • Ole Knud Gorritzen (Tuesday, April 02 13 12:37 pm EDT)

    Hi Sam
    Have just been lucke to buy
    the LP Samost Most plays Bird, Bud, Monk and Miles from 1957-Sextet and Excellent Big Band in Bob Dorough's fine arrangement and YOU Sam on SUPER clainet
    Keep Swingin'
    Ole Knud Goritzen
    Gilleleje, Denmark

  • Reb Jason van Leeuwen (Wednesday, December 05 12 11:57 pm EST)

    Sam is an old soul. It was my honor to drive him around just a little and have him play on my upcoming CD, "Wake Up Shabbat." Beautiful stuff!!

  • Tom Hall (Saturday, August 25 12 02:24 pm EDT)

    Sam I really enjoyed seeing and hearing you and spending some time with you here at the NFA in Vegas recently. And thanks for your new cd. It is georgeous. Love it.
    Next time maybe we'll have some time to remember some of our time on the Buddy Rich Band.
    You gave me your contact info i.e. ph.,email, etc. so I'll be calling you sometime to discuss doing possibly having you do something in Vegas, etc.
    I didn't see your book in your store section. Is it still available.
    Take care my friend. Tom

  • Hollis Donaldson (Wednesday, May 23 12 06:59 pm EDT)

    After hearing your Organic Flute cd, I've been absolutely possessed by your playing. I listen to it every single day and anything else that I can hear on youtube. I wish that the But Beautiful album
    was in print but youtube is good. I'm a flutist and you have totally inspired me. My name is Hollis Donaldson an I would love to be able to get close to your most wonderful expression. Writing this
    is actually making me teary eyed. Thanks for being my mentor.

  • Yoshiki (Saturday, April 07 12 11:23 am EDT)

    Hi,Rick, Thanks for the Sam's Transcribed solos with very very quick service! Amazing solos!!!

  • mike stephans (Monday, February 13 12 12:09 am EST)

    I'm waiting for you to write a book on the history of jazz flautists who love kasha varnishkes!

  • Forrest (Monday, February 06 12 12:05 am EST)

    I just picked up your Jazz Improvisation book and it's awesome, thank you for so much great material to work on. I studied trumpet from CSUN and freelance in the Los Angeles area. Thank you for so
    much great music!

  • Dino (Thursday, February 02 12 06:41 pm EST)

    Great work, Rick!


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