SAM MOST- Jazz Flutist The "Father of Bebop Flute"
          SAM MOST- Jazz Flutist        The "Father of Bebop Flute"  

Sam's Biggest Fan

Sam and I in Hermosa Beach, CA - Summer 2008

The story of my first hearing Sam until now spans over 40 years. It was the late 60's when I borrowed a few jazz albums from a relative, including "I'm Nuts About the Most...Sam That Is!” Admittedly, I was not a big jazz fan back then, having been raised on a steady diet of Top 40 radio as a youth. After listening to the album I was especially struck by the track "Falling in Love With Love" (in 4/4 instead of 3/4) where Sam sang through the flute for his second chorus. Shortly after, I attended my first Jethro Tull concert…I bought a flute the very next week.


Between then and now I’ve had 2 careers; the first was as a road musician in a 70’s “showband” where I got to ply my trade (sax, clarinet, flute, vocals) 5 -6 nights per week, 40-45 weeks a year. I did that for about 8 years and then turned right around and joined the U.S. Navy as a Navy Musician. I recently retired after a wonderful 27-year career.


About 3 years ago I came to own “Flutology” with Frank Wess, Holly Hoffman, and Ali Reyerson. Great flute album! Long story short…I remembered the Sam Most album, started listening to Sam and was so blown away I collected everything I could find….I even bought the movie “Sam Most, Jazz Flutist.”


My first (and only) trip to California was in 2008 and the stars aligned to where I got to meet Sam at a club he was performing at in Hermosa Beach. A few years later I was able to bring Sam to the Navy School of Music (SOM) in Virginia Beach, VA for a clinic combined with a performance. Being Sam’s sponsor I got to hang out with him and found him to be as intelligent and witty as he is a great musician. I even got to sit-in with him on one of his original tunes.


After Sam's clinic and concert at the SOM, he headed up an informal jam session that evening. During the session I experienced a deteched retina and my left eye filled with blood. I was unable to see (no pun inteneded) Sam the following day due to a visit with the eye doc.....folowing his return to CA, we spoke on the phone once or twice a month. Every time we spoke on the phone, his first question was "how's the eye?" and "how is your lovely wife Teresa?" I have mentioned this only to illustrate what a wonderful and caring soul Sam possessed....he was certainly one of the nicest persons I have ever met.


I’ve kept a website for Sam for about 5 years now and I do it just as a fan and friend. He has been and still is my biggest musical influence and I have spread the word on Sam to anyone who hasn’t heard him.


I hope you enjoy the website. I welcome any feedback or suggestions.


Rick Jasper, Norfolk, VA

Getting to play next to Sam has been the musical highlight of my life.

Please visit Sam on his Facebook PageFacebook Artist Page, and  MySpace Page where there are several of Sam's most recent tracks.


11/4/2016 - Added 3 new transcriptions for dowload.

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